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Ryu Uchiha

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PostSubject: Ryu Uchiha   Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:22 pm

character name: Ryu Uchiha

Desired bloodline: Uchiha

Desired starting element: Fire

Desired village: Hidden Leaf

Age: 15

Desired rank: Genin

appearance: 5ft 10in. skinny, wears hooded shirts(usually black but sometimes wears dark blue and rarely white) and black or white shorts/pants. His facial expression is usually a straight face but it can differ depending on his emotions and how he feels(like basically every other human being)his eye color is black.

personality: Ryu is hard working no matter what. He prefers to be alone and acts very mysterious. Although he is mysterious he is charming and kind which leads to the fact that even though he prefers to be alone others tend to like him and usually seem to get along with him. His goal is to become a strong and respected shinobi who will be recognized as a true hero for his actions all over the nation.

Background: Ryu started out lonely. His mother died after giving birth to him. He lived with his father who was a shinobi and his twin brother Kyo. Starting on the kid's 5th birthday they started training hard to follow in their father's footsteps to become a strong ninja. The kids constantly trained every day until they could barely move at all. At six the kids started the ninja academy and graduated not only at the top of their classes but they graduated in only 2 months together. When the kids were 9 years old their father was mudered right in front of them by 2 chunins of a rival nation. one of the chunin rank shinobi ninjas caught Ryu's brother Kyo and tried to kill him but before he could Ryu unlocked the power of the sharingan and murdered both of the chunins in a matter of seconds. After the higher ranks heard about Ryu's act he was instantly recognized as a strong Genin and was assigned to a squad along with his brother Kyo. The boys trained harder, finished missions with ease, and Ryu worked hard to achieve his goal of becoming a great hero and shinobi alongside his brother Kyo.

Special: Ninjutsu
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Ryu Uchiha
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