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 Uchiha, Masato

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Masato Uchiha

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Masato   Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:11 am

Character Name: Uchiha Masato

Desired Bloodline: Uchiha

Desired Starting elements: Ice (Water + Wind) Storm (Water + Lightning + Wind)

Desired Village: Nyu-Konohagakure

Age: 16

Desired Rank: Jounin

Appearance: asato's hair is a dark pitch black color, and reminds people of black velvet because of it's silky smoothness. The hair is slightly messy, and at medium length, it hangs down covering his left eye down to about his upper cheek bone. The hair there is in slight segments, so you can see in between them. He has a small, petite nose that slightly curves up, and his eyes are slightly close together. His eyes are a rich, beautiful blue color, and they look segmented as if cut out of a diamond.
e has a small, petite nose that slightly curves up, and his eyes are slightly close together.

Personality: Masato is very smart, and will often use large, elaborate traps against his opponents, using a series of genjutsu and ninjutsu to finish the job. He often misleads his opponents about his true intentions, such as his looks that make him appear as a fighter or taijutsu user, but in actuality he uses his brains more than brawn.

Background information: Birth and Early Childhood Arc: Masato was born into a powerful family of Uchihas, that moved into the Mist village after their son was born. They decided to only have one son, so they could focus the attention on raising and training him. They were very supportive of their young Masato, and even played music for him while he was a baby. This stimulated growth for the tiny infant, and enabled him to learn from his parents faster. When Masato was about eight months old, he started to walk, which was pretty early than most other kids.

When Masato was five years old, he started to learn about the history of the clan, and the ways of the ninja. This set him up, and changed his personality slightly. He was becoming soft, and began to depend on his parents a little too much, so they decided to alienate him, only letting him near them when they were training. This made Masato cold, and unable to show his feelings to anyone. This also prepared him for the ninja world.

Special: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Rp Sample: Kei had scheduled to meet up with another genin to be on his team for a huge fight that was going to take place soon. As he walked into the area where they were going to fight, an old abandoned quarry, he started to look around to see if there were any good tactical advantages that he could take advantage of. It was a quarry, so there were huge blocks of rock everywhere, each with different numbers on them symbolizing different things to the people who collected them for stone. The quarry had been recently abandoned due to lack of funding, but some of the wooden rigs were still there. There was a tall crane-mechanism up above the quarry, with ropes attached to wood boards, making a sort of huge bridge above the entire area.
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Uchiha, Masato
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