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 Adavnce Element: Hyouton - Ice Cannon Jutsu Archive.

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PostSubject: Adavnce Element: Hyouton - Ice Cannon Jutsu Archive.   Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:16 pm

Shown in the show under the control of haku. Specialized by the toushiro. Ice Jutsu will and have proven to be dominate. Now before I show you the Cannon Jutsu for this advance element. Let me run this down for you. Ice jutsu are created through the addition of wind chakra too water based techniques. This can not be done just by role playing. The jutsu Must be approved or already listed. As far as the Sharigan goes. None Clan ice techniques can be copied by a Uchiha if they control ice element. Or water and wind Chakra.

Name: Ice Prison Technique
Rank: B
Description: This jutsu allows the user to infuse their chakra with ice underground and bring it to the surface. The user can then trap their opponent within the ice by controlling its movements and completely surrounding them in the ice. This jutsu is strong enough to withstand basic fire jutsu, because the ice has already been infused with the user's chakra. This allows this jutsu to double as a defensive technique, by the user encasing themselves in the ice.

Name: Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard
Rank: A
Description: An Ice Release technique formed from already existing ice. After forming the needed hand seal Dotō will thrust his arm to send out a black ether-like dragon to strike his opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn. When it hits the target it will use its motion to launch the opponent high into the air.

Name: Ice Release: One Horned White Whale
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu allows the user to create a humongous whale, the size of a small island, out of ice to attack their opponent. The user needs a source of ice in order to use this technique. This jutsu is used more as a distraction technique, or to block an opponents movements, because of its size. Kakashi Hatake is seen using this jutsu in the movie, as he copied it from Nadare Roga, with his Sharingan.

Name: Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm
Rank: B
Description: This jutsu creates a cluster of ice needles in the shape of miniature swallows, which the user then throws at the opponent. These needles can change direction in midair and will maim the opponent with their sharp wings.This jutsu cannot be eliminated by Fire techniques

Name: Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu allows the user to create a giant tiger made out of ice. The user needs a nearby source of ice in order to use this jutsu. This jutsu is cold enough to freeze any Water Release techniques it comes into contact with.

Name: Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique
Rank: B
Description: This jutsu allows Nadare to cause an avalanche when near a mountain and transform the falling snow into a pack of wolves to attack the opponent. This technique has a weakness to lightning based jutsu, as seen when the wolves completely dissolve when attacked by Kakashi Hatake's Lightning Cutter.

Name: Ice Spikes
Rank: C
Description: The user unleashes giant spikes made of ice if they are endangered. Haku used this when he defends himself from his father when he attempted to kill him because of his Kekkei Genkai.
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Adavnce Element: Hyouton - Ice Cannon Jutsu Archive.
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