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 Advance Element: Mokuton - Wood Cannon Jutsu Archive.

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PostSubject: Advance Element: Mokuton - Wood Cannon Jutsu Archive.   Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:34 pm

The Wood release, formerly used by the Senju clan. These former Keikegenki techniques where released to the public after the revived uchiha wiped them out. Wood Jutsu is created through earth Element combined with a medium amount of Water Element.

Name:Wood Clone Technique
Rank: A
Description: A clone that is created by altering the user's own cells with chakra. It has more endurance than the normal Shadow Clones and doesn't disappear when hit by the enemies' attacks. Moreover, since it has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great for reconnaissance missions. They have the ability to travel far distances from the user and are able to communicate with the original. The clones can be as simple in function as a wooden dummy for use in the Body Replacement Technique.

The basic concept of the Shadow Clone Technique also applies to the Wood Clone Technique. However, the chakra-composed Shadow Clone and the cell-based Wood Clone are completely distinct techniques. By directly touching the Wood Clone with his hand, the user can absorb the information it gathered and changes the shape of the clone. The Wood Clone is made up of the user's own cells, transformed into vegetation. Because of this, when it is changed into a seed and taken into the body, it can be used as a "transmission device". This and all other uses make this technique extremely convenient.

Name:Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland
Rank: A
Description: Hashirama forces trees to grow on any surface, and can easily create a dense forest anywhere. It was this technique that allowed Hashirama to build the foundations of Konoha. This jutsu can also be used to bind an opponent and alter a battlefield for his own uses.

Name: Wood Release: Binding Nest
Rank: A
Description: This technique lets the user summon a tree around their opponent to bind them. This technique is relatively powerful and holds opponents much more gracefully, with less of a strain on the user, because the user sinks them into the ground. Afterwards, the user can enclose the opponent so that their body implodes.

Name: Wood Release: Dense Woodland Wall
Rank: B
Description: Yamato touches the ground with his hand, creating countless wood branches that grow at high speed from it, interlacing to form a wide, net-like wall with an impressive defensive power.

Name: Wood Release: Great Forest Technique
Rank: B
Description: A technique that changes one's own arm into big trees. Using chakra, the tissues are transformed into trees at the cellular level. Then, by activating the trees, stimulating them to grow rapidly, they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches. It is possible to capture the enemy with these branches and at the same time, if one changes the ends into sharp stakes, turn them into countless, sharp, spear-like piercing weapons.

Name: Wood Release: Transformation
Rank: C
Description: This jutsu is just like any other Transformation Technique. Yamato performs the necessary hand seals, then wood emerges and covers his entire body and a puff of smoke or chakra covers up the transformation. Once the jutsu is done, the transformation is complete. It acts more like a costume than a transformation, as Yamato is able to leave it behind if necessary.
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Advance Element: Mokuton - Wood Cannon Jutsu Archive.
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