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 A Rank Missions

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PostSubject: A Rank Missions   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:24 pm


Description: Go under cover as a spy for a rebel group that is planing a coupe on your village you get what you need kill the leader.
Points:4 to 6

Virus Alert
Description:There is a group of bandits in the area that have a vile of a level 4 hot agent (This is similar to Aids of Ebola) and is threatening to release it on the village. Find him and kill him, but return the vile
Points: 4 OR 5
Ryo: 100 if Man killed 250 if man killed and vile recovered

DingDing Fight
Description: A boxing match is about to start and the only problem is, the boxers in the ring are Not really boxers. Thanks to a spy we have learned that both of them are Shinobi from a different village, they are attempting to Infiltrait the village, and if they win the title, then we will have to open the Hokage mansion to them......But so that the people wont worry, why dont you go in there and fight both of them, and win, without using anything but taijustu
Points:4 - 6(Tag Team Suggested
Ryo: 300

Description:There is a hypnotist going around town promising to make you thin, and make you more responsible, and make you rich. However when you meet with him, you are never seen again. there are now 5 missing children, and all ties link back to this freak. Now the problem is that when we sent a chunin, he got captured. Not he has 6 prisoners, and rumor has it he has a paper bomb contraption set up to kill them all at his will
Ryo: 350 all six are saved and man is killed 300 all six are saved

Description:The local bank is being robbed, sadly it is not a normal robbery. there are 10 rogue shinobi, all of wich are stronger than the average chunin, and one who we believe to be stronger that a jonin. Get in there, save the hostages, and capture at least 50% of them. you may also kill them rather then capture
Points: 4-5
Ryo: 300 save all units 50 Ryo for each man killed/captured after the first 5

Description: there is a spy inside the village, and unfortunatly no one knows where. He was reported only once about 3 weeks ago, and still we cannot find him. Find him and kill him with any means!
Ryo:350 if done without chaos 300 if people notice your fight

Rogue ninja
Description: a Spc Jonin from your village has escaped, and to your dismay he has taken 5 hidden scrolls that are very valuable. get back ALL 5 SCROLLS and bring back the shinobi
Points: 4
Ryo: 400 if brought back alive 300 if dead

Wild Rhino
Description:No not the actual Rhino, but a large summoning is about to hit the village. its master is unknown but this thing is as strong as chief toad, if not even stronger, kill it at all costs
Points: 4-5
Ryo: 300

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A Rank Missions
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