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 D Rank Missions

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PostSubject: D Rank Missions   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:21 pm

When someone wants to do a mission, they must copy and past the mission they want and post it in this Topic. After this The poster must wait for approval from an admin/Mod. You can only do 3 missions a day so don't overdo it.

After It is approved another topic will be created by the admin with the name of the mission and the asker of the mission. After doing so the admin/mod will tell you how much words you must type in order to Get creadit and ponts for the mission.

Just copy and paste the mission you want to your post below

D-Rank Missions

WARNING: doing missions with team members means splitting the profit down the middle

No ingredients?
Description: The local bakery has run out of goods, and the town shipment isnt until next week, go pick up the shipment early, and escort the shipment to the bakery

Paint the fence
Description:An elderly couple needs there fence painted.

Deliver Ramen
Description: A ramen oder is running late problem is people are getting hungry. Go retrieve the ramen.

Help a lady's garden
Description:A lady went out of town but forgot to mend to her garden. Go to the next village over and med the lady's garden.

Weed Pulling
Descritpion:The chunin exams are coming up but the grass at the fields are filled with weeds. Pick all of them.

Walking big dogs
Description:A old man has been having dogs since he was 20 but one of them has gotten seriously big and the old man can't handle that dog. Do it for him.

Clean up garbage in lake
Description: Kids love swiming in the lake they also love dumping trash in it. Pick up all the trash for the kids.

Teaching Gig
Description: All the Academy teachers are in a meeting. so watch there classes for the day. you will have genjutsu class, Gym, Ninjutsu class, weapon skills, and Recess (Not in that order).
Points: 1-3 (There are 3 classrooms, so a team is recomended)

Grocery Shopping
Description:This elderly woman needs help shopping
Ryo: 40

Wild Animals
Description:Wild animals block the gates of the village go stop them.
Ryo:20 for each animal(5 max.)

Blind man across the street
Description:Help a blind man across the street......and down the road, up the hill, through the river, and over the bike trail...Oh Yeah, he is running a marithon. Just keep up with him and make sure you keep him from drowning, or tripping
Ryo: 50

Wedding Disater
Description:Her wedding is missing a couple of things. The biggest being the wife. Please go and see what is keeping her behind(Can be a tree in the road or anything. Be creative)

To kill a mockingbird
Description: a very annoying bird is sitting outside the Kage's mansion and every morning it sits there (Around 3AM) and crows none stop. take it out....and oh yeah, it is covered in sharp well guarded feathers, and is a very hostile bird. Goodluck
Points: 1-2
Ryo: 40

Fruit stand collapse
Description:a fruit stand has collapsed in the village, help the vendor re builld the stand and pick up all the fallen melons
Points: 1
Ryo: 25

Band Autograph
Description: the local boy band is in town and a girl wants there Autograph. but so does everyone, so you need to legally find these guys and get them to sign it. but remember they are citezens so you CANNOT under any circumstances harm them in any way
Ryo: 15 Ryo per member who signs (5 members total)

Squirrels Pwn
Description: the big oak tree belonging to the kage is invested with squirrles. take them out
Points: 1
Ryo: 2 Ryo per squirrel (20 Squirrel Max)

Bad hair day
Description: A girl from your village is out of her hairspray, the problem is that she needs more by tonight for her hot date, and the village is out. Travel to a different village and get a bottle of hairspray
Ryo: 35

Stray dogs
Description: Some stray dogs have scared customers away from the Ramen shop, go corral them and turn them into the pound.
Ryo: 3 Ryo per dog (10 dogs)

taking candy from a baby
Description: yeah, a bully did just that. Get the candy back and dont hurt the kid to bad, he is only an AS
Ryo: 20

Mayor for a day
Description: The mayor is well.....trying to get a day off, and his double is not very intelligent. You must follow him around and keep him from doing anything the Mayor wouldnt do.
Ryo: 40

Create your own mission
Description: Create a Few missions. post them in this format with Everything Needed to be a good mission. have a nice description and remember. if it is really off the wall and stupid you will fail the mission
Ryo: 5 Ryo per mission (10 for good ones) (Limit 10)

Happy anneversary
Description: He forgot a present again, and in 1 hour is there anneversary dinner. all the shops seem to be closed. so now you need to find a gift that is perfect for his wife.
Ryo: 40 Ryo if before dinner 30 ryo if during dinner

Description: Make leather belts for a man's shop. the man is sick and needs 20 belts by the end of the day. you had better use some ninja skills in order to finish in time
Ryo: 35 Ryo for all 20

Rock the cazba
Description: A neighborhood block party got a little bad. now all the kids are fighting, and its 3 in the morning. get these kids in bed....try not to use force
Ryo: 50 if without force 25 with force

Come home snoopy come home
Description: A family dog has disappeared. how is this different from other dog rescue missions? how about the fact that it is the most expensive dog in the world. it has won hundreds of prizes, and it has a hit out on it from other angry dog owner.
Ryo: 40 if done without harm to the dog

Description: The forest has caught fire, stop it before it gets to the village
Ryo: 45

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D Rank Missions
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