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 Hei {WIP}

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PostSubject: Hei {WIP}   Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:42 am

Character Name: Hei & Li Shengshun

Desired Bloodline: Mangekyou Sharngan

Desired Starting elements: lightning,fire,water

Desired Village: roug

Age: 23

Desired Rank: roug former anbu


Personality: Hei has two identities both very different from each other. One is when he's Li Shengshun: a good natured Chinese exchange student who has a timid nature and who tries to help out others, and generally keeps to himself. The second is when he's The Black Reaper. Here he becomes a ruthless, calculating individual who has no qualms with killing when needed. Although a mannerism that Hei has in both forms is his huge appetite, Hei is generally seen to eat huge quantities of food. This generally surprises anyone he meets. Hei is sometimes torn between whether he is a human or a monster, seeing he has the emotions and feelings of a human,but when fighting he becomes possesed by a evil him inside. Hei sometimes passes through a major change in personality. When he does he starts drinking, becomes pervy and comes easily to anger, which is strange because on the battle field or any where he was rarely seen becoming angry.

Background information:
Since he was a child his father would make him train from sunrise to sunset only getting breaks for breakfast,lunch and dinner ad bathroom breaks, cause of all this training he had great skills entering the academy.While he was in the ninja academy in Konohagakure he was known as the small genius.He would surpass everyone and ended up graduating before everyone in his class.

After grduating he trained ee longer and harder then when he did before, 1 year passes and inthis time he knows advanced fire style jutsus and in this time the other people from his class from the academy graduat and he ends up with a girl and a boy on his team, the Hokage knowing Hei's advanced skill and with here sensei this team's first mission was a B rank.

In the chuunin exams he won all his matches incuding the finals, after hi and his team becme chuunins they kept getting dificult missions, on a misionto the mist village tey rye t kill Hei becuase they thought tat f theyget in a war with konoha Hei would be a very dificult oponent.

His whole team became jounins wich meas there tam a broken up to train othr genins but they all kept in touch. During a mission he was faced by old man that toldhim about the secrets f the sharingan, Hei fnished the mission awhile after the talk with the words the old man had told him, which include how to get the mangekyou sharingan.

For his amazing skills the Hokage at that ime makes him a anbu. While on a assasiation mission his Uchiha famly was alo bein killed by Itachi. When he gets bak from the mission and hears what happened e storms ut of the village in search of Itachi but during his surch he confrnts the old man again being told tha Itachi did that evil dead for mor power Hei then starts to become frustrated becuase there was someon stronger than him, He becomes desperate for more power and asks the old man how to gain the true power of the sharingan, he was then told how and he goes back to the village.

missig ninja
The day he left the village was the day h killed his former team so that meens his old teammates and hi old sensei. The next time he used his sharingan he feels excrutiting pain as his sharingan changes and it turns in to the mangekyou sharingan. After gaining the mangekyou sharingan he becomes a asssin for th money and so he can constantly be testing his strenght.

Special: He is best in ninjutsu but his second best is his taijutsu

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Hei {WIP}
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