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 TaiJutsu Cannon Jutsu Archive

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PostSubject: TaiJutsu Cannon Jutsu Archive   Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:18 pm

Taijutsu the Simplest art of ninja techniques. Here you will find some of the best moves from the show. Some may come with a price.

Name: Piercing Fang
Rank: D
Description: The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. This attack is done alone but it can be done with a partner, making it more effective.

Name: Leaf Gale
Rank: D
Description: The user performs a low, circular kick to sweep the opponent off their feet.

Name: Leaf Whirlwind
Rank: D
Description: This technique involves a powerful leap forward followed by a spinning kick with both legs in succession, the second kick being aimed lower in case the intended target ducks the first.

Name: Dynamic Entry
Rank: D
Description:This jutsu is simply a flying jump kick at the side of the enemy's face while shouting "dynamic entry". Guy's version also sometimes involves throwing a kunai to distract the opponent's attention and then attacking them from their blind spot. This technique can also be used to break into buildings.

Name: Leaf Rising Wind
Rank: C
Description: This jump uses the entire body as a spring by amassing power in the legs before kicking upwards. Because the power of the kick from the ground is instantly converted into a blow, the enemy hit with this attack will be launched high into the sky.

Name: Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Rank: C
Description: The Shadow of the Dancing Leaf is used to position a ninja's opponent into a vulnerable aerial position. The ninja will first quickly appear below their opponent, then with a swift upper kick they will launch their target into the air. The ninja will then jump into the air to "shadow" the target with the target's back to their chest. Since this is the opponent's blind spot, it can be used as a set up to a number of jutsu. Rock Lee uses it in preparation for the Front Lotus. Sasuke, after copying it from Lee, uses it for his Lion Combo, but because he lacks Lee's training it puts some strain on his body

Name: Lion Combo
Description: This jutsu is a variant of Rock Lee's Front Lotus, which Sasuke develops after using his Sharingan to copy the first part of the move. Because Lee wasn't given the chance to finish the attack, Sasuke makes his own ending to it. Like Lee, Sasuke gets to the point where he does Shadow of the Dancing Leaf to get behind an airborne opponent. He then delivers a series a of blows that differ between use. All variations end with the opponent being thrown to the ground and kicked in the chest.
(Must KNOW Shadow of the dancing leaf to use this move)

Name: Front Lotus
Rank: B
Description: Front Lotus requires the opening of the first of the Eight Chakra Gates, giving the user five times their normal strength. The user launches the opponent into the air and then uses Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Once behind the opponent, the user restrains them and piledrives them into the ground headfirst while rotating at a ferocious speed. Because it uses one of the chakra gates, the user is left extremely fatigued, making this jutsu a "double-edged sword." However, on episode 193 of the anime, Lee was able to perform this technique without any strain on his body. Kakashi has been shown to be able to use this technique, but to a much lesser degree than Guy and Lee.
(MUST KNOW Shadow of the Dancing leaf and how to activate The first gate of the 8 Gates)

Name: Reverse Lotus
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu is an advanced and more destructive version of the Front Lotus, which requires that at least three chakra gates be opened (in every instance in which it has been used, five gates are opened). Once enough gates are open, the user launches the target into the air and strikes them at inhuman speed before hitting them with one arm and one foot, sending the target crashing into the ground. This is usually fatal due to the speed and power behind the attack. Because so many chakra gates are opened at once, it can only be used once, since the user will likely be unable to stand afterward. This is proven when Lee is left barely able to stand after using it on Gaara, and the latter's powerful defenses and long-distance attacks allowed him to win the match. Guy's version involves him launching the enemy into the air, spinning like a drill, and delivering a bone-shattering punch. Might Guy states this technique to be a "combination of such winding speed that no one can defend themselves against it"
(MUST KNOW Shadow of the Dancing leaf and how to activate The first 3 gates of the 8 Gates)

Name: Morning Peacock
Rank: A
Description: The Morning Peacock is a certain-kill taijutsu born from the philosophy of Might Guy. The principle of this taijutsu is to rapidly increase the body's abilities by opening up to six of the Eight Gates, and then strike the enemy down with countless punches. The technique is started by kicking the enemy into the air, which for most would be an instant kill. The user then jumps into the air in a distinctive stance and begins punching the enemy repeatedly. The speed of the punches is so fast that they are set ablaze by sheer speed and friction. This creates a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra around the opponent. Once the attack is finished, the enemy will be sent crashing back to the ground, covered with the attacks' aura.
(MUST KNOW Shadow of the Dancing leaf and how to activate The first 6 gates of the 8 gates)

The Eight Gates

1 The Gate of Opening (開門, Kaimon) -15

2 The Gate of Healing (休門, Kyūmon;) -25

3 The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon) -35

4 The Gate of Pain (傷門, Shōmon) -45

5 The Gate of Limit (杜門, Tomon;) -55

6 The Gate of View (景門, Keimon;) -65

7 The Gate of Wonder (驚門, Kyōmon;) -75

8 The Gate of Death (死門, Shimon) -99

Damage taken by gate activation will be the total of the highest gate you use.
(Example you use 1-5 you will only take the damage caused by the 5th gate)
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