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 Toushiro history and information

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PostSubject: Toushiro history and information   Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:46 pm

The toushiro were recently brought to power in the 5th great ninja war. Many clans mixed together with other clan members to form ninjas with kekkei genkeis allowing them to control their chakra and body tempurature, they could infuse chakra into ice, even make their chakra turn into ice. When a few of the first toushiro decendents fought in the war, Konohagakure was more than shocked to see such a kekkei genkei.

As the clan grew so did its infamousy. The clan fought against hyuuga, uchiha, and many more. Rumors say that the clan originated from Kumogakure 雲隠れ, But the majority think that toushiro originated from Kirigakure 霧,And made its way east migrating to Kumogakure 雲隠れ. The first pure born Toushiro was born during the war. His name was Toushiro, which is how the clan got its name Toushiro ウィンター
Meaning "Winter".

Toushiro was nicknamed "Toushiro Toushiro" And was beleived to be the strongest of the clan so far. During the war, Toushiro decided to team with the villages opposing konohagakure. In more than one situation the clan was put against the Uchiha. By this time the Uchiha were already long gone but under unknown circumstances they were somehow genetically cloned and brought under konohagakure to fight for them. Toushiro knew from first hand how ruthless and powerful the new generation of uchiha were. The first Toushiro leader fought against the leader of the new uchiha, matching him move by move.

The fight ended in a tie but after so much fightning and war the leader died of exhaustion. Shocked by the death of Toushiro Toushiro, Raiden Toushiro 雷電 ウィンター
took the place as the second. His name literally meaning "Thunder Winter" Just like his name implies he had the elements Raiton 雷 and Suiton 水遁. Raiden was a very deadly warrior and was so lethal against anyone he faced, mostly because of the fact that he was a master of using his elements and kekkei genkei so well together, that he was able to single handedly decrease the population of soldiers konohagakure had to a mere 3/4 of its original number.

It is 150 years since the war started and raiden toushiro passes his legacy on to a new leader. the new leader joins foces with the Kumori clan and many other clans to create the N.S.E (National Shinobi Empire) and fight against konohagakure, newly named Nyu - Konohagakure. This toushiro leaders status is short lived as he is assasinated in the war. It is now the present and a new leader takes place. Chris Toushiro, just like the previous leader Raiden Toushiro 雷電 ウィンター
Chris Toushiro has the elements Raiton 雷 and Suiton 水遁. At 14 years of age Chris is the youngest to ever be a kage and clan leader in history. As a genius chris is a natural born tactician and was nicknamed "The White Ice Ninja" 白氷の忍者. He currently works along side the kumori clan and its leader Konton Kumori to fight against Nyu - Konohagakure and defeat them.

Kekkei Genkei:

Name: Aishītatchi (アイシータッチ)
Appearance: -----
Abilities: The user can compress chakra and turn it into ice, turn water into ice, Control the hardness of ice, Morph in any way, shape, or form. He can condence Ice into a solid, gas, or liqud and inject any amount of chakra into it making it very deadly in which ever way the person uses it.

Traits: Most people born into the clan have snow white hair, and light green or blue eyes. Some member are born with black hair. It is bery rare for a member to have Raiton element, Most have Suiton.

Weakness: Many toushiro members find comfort in colder areas and regions, they hate warmer ares and people who have Katon element, which is why they cannot tolerate the Uchihas
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Toushiro history and information
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