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 Current plot and place in the story

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PostSubject: Current plot and place in the story   Sun May 02, 2010 6:43 am

500 years ago the death of Naruto Uzumaki left Konoha in shock. At it's current state things began going down hill for the once powerful Fire nation. As they where evaded by a new version of the Akatsuki. Just a few years past until they had taken of the council and began to control things from the darkness, manipulating people and bringing about what is historically known as the 5th great ninja war. As Konohagakure revived itself it took on the name Nyu-Konohagakure and began to expand its territory by attacking long time comrades Sunagakure after taking over the river country. This Cause war to spread like wild fire as the rain village attacked Iwagakure nearly taking over all of Earth country. Although failing to claim Iwa a truce was made by the two villages in order to stop the fighting back and forth as Iwa had even more enemy's to take care of. As Takigakure, Otogakure and the grass country marched for Iwa was suprised to see Amegakure backing them in battle. Helping them not only win the long and hard fought war but claiming them a large chunk of land in the mean time. Kirigakure and Kumogakure began their expantion over small islands to increase their likely hood of defense as Konoha and Ame fit vigorously. Which eventually lead to Nyu-Konoha being surrounded by enemy's. With in the era Kiri, Kumo, Ame, and Iwa signed a treaty changing their nations names to the Direction they where from as the for mayjor clans of this war took over. The Kumori Clan Migrated to Ame Establishing its rule over The western part of the New Shinobi Empire. Smaller clans had taken over their home of Kumo Creating the Western sect of the New Shinobi Empire. As North and South where lead by Shinobi of Kage rank. Then after the first one Hundred years a Miracle occur for Nyu-Konohagakure as the Uchiha appearance began. Parents where injected with a DNA giving their offspring a 50% chance of being born a Uchiha. This rapidly increased the power in their forces although no Uchiha survived long due to a flaw in the DNA construction. Attempts to Copy this where tried as Kumo (East N.S.E) began breading a clan of high standard and a Religous sect left Konoha with the secrets and set up camp and Kiri (South N.S.E). These two Clans officially took over along with a small puppet clan out of North N.S.E with in the next 100 years as the Uchiha DNA was still unstable. The shift in power ceased to change as the newer clans add to the potential power of each other. The Toushiro came down the the cold from from the mountians and with the Gotsume Clan Rushing from boats and Ningyo and their puppet army coming from above Nyu-force where back towards the west where the Kumori would rush in and slaughter them at night. This plan kept working and Nyu Konogakure suffered many beatings and loses. But as the years kept going each generation became less and less aggressive. Finally the Uchiha serum was completed and the financial power of Nyu-Konohagauke became a matter to wonder about as the new crueler Uchiha took control over the face of their home. War still fought but on a much smaller scale was never looked past and grudges where still being held.

Its been 500 years since the war broke out 100 years since the Uchiha revival and all the Elder clan Of Nyu-Konohagakure have been wiped out (all cannon clans other then Uchiha).The Leader of Nyu-Konogakure Raiga Uchiha, after a fight with Konton Kumori has declared a bounty on all Toushiro and Kumori clan members paying for the thousand whether dead or alive. With the west pushing for non-violent solutions lead by a storm of emotion and the west being pushed by a child who was raised for this war conflicts of opinion are arising in the N.S.E. Things look to change soon.

South Shinobi Empire
West Shinobi Empire
East Shinobi Empire
North Shinobi Empire
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Current plot and place in the story
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