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 Other Jutsu...Fandmade Jutsu Archive.

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PostSubject: Other Jutsu...Fandmade Jutsu Archive.   Sat May 01, 2010 1:39 pm

Name of Jutsu: Chakra Bullet
Rank: A
Element: None
Description: Much like the rasengan of legend the chakra bullet is made of pure chakra. It was invented by Konton Kumori with help of his team mate Kanashi Saho. Its form is that of a smoke pellet (irl modern day bullet) and is made of two directional flows a up and down giving it its cylinder shape and a circular one which goes downward rounding it off. It is fired with a push of chakra from the finger moving at high speeds. It can only be used three times a fight due to its frustrating formation and is only able to be used if time is given. (means cant be fired if under heavy assault. The bullet is also hard to aim exactly (can hit vital spots)
Creator:Konton Kumori

Hiru Bansho: Boka no Jutsu [Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention
Rank: B
Element: None.
Description: The user performs a few hand seals and then touches a
nearby object. Their body seems to be swallowed by the object as they
"merge" with it, allowing them to travel through the object and come out
of it at a different point. While the user is merged with the object
they can't be detected using sound, smell, or normal sight, but they
also can't attack, and their resistance to damage drastically drops.
Creator: Yasutaka Kumori

Anshi [Night Vision]
Rank: B
Element: None.
Description: After performing the right hand seals, the user would focus
their chakra into their eyes allowing them to see in the dark
Creator: Yasutaka Kumori

Name of Jutsu: Spirit Invocation
Rank: C
Element: N/A (Seishoujutsu)
Description: Spirit Invocation allows the user to invoke a number of spirits to gain physical strength and agility. This technique also gives the user increased natural senses during combat.
Creator: Kenn Hotoke

Name of Jutsu: Spiritual Prowess
Rank: C
Element: N/A (Seishoujutsu)
Description: This technique can only be used after the user has performed the Spirit Invocation technique. This technique allows the user to sense chakra and perform jutsu on an enhanced level. While using this technique, the user also has a white-blue chakra aura around their body that can also deflect projectiles and absorb chakra from the user's surroundings. This jutsu slowly exhausts the user, at higher levels though, the user can sustain more.
Creator: Kenn Hotoke

All Jutsu here are property of their creator. If anything is believe plagerised or stolen from your rp please message them and a admin to clear up the issue.

Updated as of May 1 2010
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Other Jutsu...Fandmade Jutsu Archive.
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