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 Fuuton - Wind Fanmade Jutsu Archive.

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PostSubject: Fuuton - Wind Fanmade Jutsu Archive.   Sat May 01, 2010 1:18 pm

Name of Jutsu: Storm Claw
Rank: B
Element: Wind
Description: One of the many "Claw" Techniques Konton uses. As "Claw" Require no handisgns. Konton first makes the claw shape with his hand and pulls chakra to it. He adds his wind element with it and swipes. This jutsu then blows the opponent back with a huge gust of wind. (a great break through basically)
Creator: Konton Kumori

Name of Jutsu: Wind release: Claw style: Sword Force
Element: wind
Description: User make the claw shape, after finishing a handseal (of three signs) their hands are then coated in wind chakra making them sharp like blades. The used can release them for a huge wind sword slash. (This move can easily sever a limb if released in the first three posts. After 8 the user must reapply.)
Creator: Konton Kumori

Name of Jutsu: Atsugai
Rank: A
Element: Fuuton
Description: After the user concentrates Fuuton Chakra in is stomach, windpipe, and mouth - he fires it out in a condensed pressure burst that can easily kill if hit directly. This jutsu requires NO hand seals.
Creator: Raiga Uchiha

Fuuton: Bouseki Kaze [Wind Release: Spinning Wind]
Rank: C
Description: Once the user has completed the necessary seals the user
would grab the targets arm or leg and push it in a spinning motion.
With the help of wind chakra the target will be engulfed in a small
tornado-like movement. The user must back away as to not get hit. After
the spinning wind stops the target will be dizzy and disoriented
leaving them open for attack.
Creator: Yasutaka

Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu [Wind Clone Technique]
Rank: C
Description: This is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes wind to create
a Bunshin clone. Unlike a normal Bunshin, the Kazu Bunshin has the
ability to interact more with the environment due to it having physical
substance. This allows the clone to carry out attacks on its target.
Also, elemental clones can think, but only on the rudimentary level,
and the concentration for their jutsu needs to be maintained by the
user. When this clone disperses, it reverts into a blast of wind.

Fuuton: Renkuudan [Wind Release: Drilling Air Projectile]
Rank: C
Description: The user inhales a large amount of air into his chest and
then slams his fist into his chest to expel it. To strengthen the
attack, the user will imbue chakra into the air. When expelled, it
forms concussive spherical projectiles capable of inflicting large
Creator: Yasutaka

All Jutsu here are property of their creator. If anything is believe plagerised or stolen from your rp please message them and a admin to clear up the issue.

Updated as of May 1 2010
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Fuuton - Wind Fanmade Jutsu Archive.
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