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 Medical Cannon Jutsu.

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PostSubject: Medical Cannon Jutsu.   Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:56 pm

Medical jutsu use Green Shousen Chakra


Name: Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu uses a part of the patient's body as a medium to heal their wounds. A large, square seal is drawn on the floor and the patient is placed at the center. Four medical-nin then sit at the corners and concentrate for several hours on healing the wound. The medic-nin on hand actually have to trade places after tiring, indicating just how long it takes.(used by 4 people at a time)

Name: Chakra Scalpel (offensive
Rank: B
Description: The Chakra Scalpel can also be used offensively, although it requires great precision to be effective. Because of this requirement, using the Chakra Scalpel offensively is highly unusual. In heated combat, even the greatest medical-nin won't be able to exert the precision needed to make fatal cuts, but it can still effectively cut muscle tissues and tendons, rendering the target immobile.

Name: Chakra Scalpel (Healing)
Rank: C
Description: This medical technique forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the Chakra Scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection

Name: Important Body Points Disturbance
Rank: A
Description:By converting her chakra into electricity, Tsunade is able to flip the opponent's nervous system signals to any part of the body. For example, if someone tried to move their right arm, a different part of the body would move in the way they wanted their right arm to move. However, the victim can partially overcome the technique if they manage to relearn the connection between their thoughts and their limbs, as Kabuto demonstrates. (last for 5 posts)

Name: Poison Extraction Jutsu
Rank: C
Description: An advanced medical jutsu used when the user cannot make enough antidote to cope with a poison. This is used to extract a great deal of the poison from a body, and then the antidote can be administered.

Name: Secret Healing Injury Destruction
Rank: B
Description:By focusing chakra into an injured place they can regenerate cells and heal.

Name: Mystical Palm Technique
Rank: C
Description: A basic medical jutsu used to heal another shinobi or the medical-nin after being inflicted a basic outer or internal injury. Heals both minor internal and external wounds.
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Medical Cannon Jutsu.
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