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 Before you get started

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Chris Toushiro

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PostSubject: Before you get started   Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:35 am

Alright just so you know before you make a puppet you need to have mastery of puppetry. In other words you can't make a puppet unless you are in a puppet user clan. You can't be an uchiha and use A puppet, that's not how it works. So now time to get to the more detailed stuff.
You will have to pay for your puppet depending on the rank.

Genin creating a new Puppet
-First Puppet is free of charge, On the house.
-When creating a puppet you can give it certain add ons, genin can only have certain add ons

Things genin can add
- Shuriken/Kunai Throwers on puppet (Must buy your own Shurikens/Kunais)
-Flammable thin strings (For Katon Element users)
-Detachable Claws
-Small torch in mouth opening (As small as a cigarette lighter)
-Smoke bomb container

Chuunin creating a new puppet
-These will have to cost you 200 ryo, each add on will cost an extra 20 ryo

Things Chuunin can add
-Stronger flammable thin strings
-Sharpened and stronger detachable claw
-Bigger torch (The size of a cars exhaust pipe)
-Kunai/shuriken thrower on arm
-Detachable sythe blades (Detach from its arm)
-Mini Fan (As big as a cars exhaust pipe)

Jounin creating a new puppet
-These will cost 350 ryo
-If you buy a jounin puppet it automatcally comes with Kunai/shuriken thrower, Flammable string, etc.
-Each add on cost 20 ryo unless it says it is a higher price

Things Jounin can add
-Detachable torso (Can fit a person inside of it)
-Extra arms (50 ryo per arm)
-Blades at the end of the arm (10 ryo extra)
-Even bigger torch (The size of a head, your choice where you want it to be attached to
-Big Fan (As big as a your head, wherever you wanna put it on your puppet)

Things Kage can add

Puppet summoning scrolls:

10 puppets: 500 ryo
20 puppets: 600 ryo
30 puppets: 700 ryo
100 puppets: 100,000 ryo

As for the character sheet

Puppet Name: (If any)

Description Of Looks:

Add ons that you want:

Level of puppet: (The same level/rank as you are)

(If there are any add ons that you think would be a good idea to put up please private message me)

Special Ability: You puppet can have ONLY 1 special ability that sets your puppet apart from the rest. Must be chuunin or higher.
(Depending on your specialty i might or might not dissaprove, I dont want every chuunin running around with a puppet able to use the iron sand ability)

- - - - -

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PostSubject: Re: Before you get started   Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:30 am

I want to add something. Only one puppet can be used at a time.
This will be strictly monitored.
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Before you get started
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