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 Ningyo Clan 人形 History and Information

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PostSubject: Ningyo Clan 人形 History and Information   Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:13 pm

The Ningyo Clan 人形 was brought to power during the 5th great ninja war alongside the Toushiro and Kumori clan. In order to defeat Konohagakure (Not yet named Nyu - Konohagakure) The opposing villages needed to create easy cost effective weapons and so they began to mass produce puppets. These puppets were stronger and faster than previous models. The Villages needed Guinea Pigs for these new puppets and began their experimentation.The northern region of the rebellion (Now known as North N.S.E) was the main production center of these new mass produced puppets.

This was also The beginning of the Ningyo clan. With the creation of these new puppets they got ninjas who were "faithful" to the destruction of Konohagakure and used this as an advantage to test the abilities of their new enhanced puppets. These new and stronger puppets when connecting chakra strings to the users finger tips drastically enhanced the users chakra. It also drained him of all his physical strength because during battle all his strength would be converted into their chakra and into the puppet. This allowed for stronger puppet since the ninja would not be fighting hand to hand.

Many of the test subjects could not handle these new puppets and many would break their fingers, Others fingers would just rip apart because of the new harder to control puppets. Many years pass and the war still rages on. After constant breeding between the test subjects ninjas with the born ability to control these new puppets were bred. With this many of the 2nd generation were raised to fight against Konohagakure, but one stood above the rest. A born puppet master called Arashi Ningyo.

At the age of 12 he gathered all the puppet users created for the sole purpose of fighting against Konohagakure and created the Ningyo Clan. Coincidentally His last name was Ningyo literally meaning "Puppet". Ironically Arashi was born blind. Because of this he depended deeply on his puppet. His puppet was like his own eyes and used it wherever he went.

Arashi was also known as the "Earth Puppet". His elements were Suiton, Doton, And Mud. (Mud was the combination of Suiton and Doton) With his mud element that he would shoot at his opponents he also used a flamethrower inside his puppet to incinerate them. He could also sink his puppet into the ground and make it attack from underground like a shark in water. At the age of 28 Arashi was said to have gone MIA (Missing In Action). No one really Knew what happened to him.

The current leader of the Ningyo clan is now L
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Ningyo Clan 人形 History and Information
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