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 L Ningyo (New)

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L Ningyo

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PostSubject: L Ningyo (New)   Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:43 pm

Name of Character: L Ningyo
(Real Name

Desired Bloodline: Ningyo Clan

Desired Starting Element:
Me: Earth, Lava, Fire, Water
Puppet: Storm, Water, Lightning, Wind

Village: North Region of

of character:


Desired Rank: Kage (I've talked to Chris he's fine with it. Also If approved I will make a new clan if thats fine with you)

Appearance: Picture

Personality: Quiet,
Intellectual, Likes
flaws in everything

Background: L is the current leader of North N.S.E and The Ningyo Clan. He is with alliance with East and West N.S.E. The leader of East N.S.E Chris Toushiro Is like a brother to L and is the only one that he confides everything to. L was born as a genius and a natural born tactician which was perfect for a master puppeteer.
With his Natural born puppetry skills and tactical prowess L could analyze the area, Enemy, and control his puppet at one time within 5 seconds.

L began his puppet training at the age of 5. The first time he took control of a puppet L knew he was way ahead of his age. L never knew his parens on account that hey dies during the war. L's mom died during birth as most women in the clan do. Or at least the 1st generation of women would since they were exhausted on to much physical exhaustion. Since he never knew his parents he would stay quiet and keep things to himself until he met chris.

When L was 8 he was moved to east N.S.E because North was being attacked the most by Nyu - Konohagakure at the time. That is where he met Chris and they became good friends. L would follow chris around all the time but would act as if he was just assisting him places. Chris was also a genius so many times when they would argue about something it would take hours for them to finish. This is the one time L felt like he had a family member, A brother.

At the age of 12 L decided it was best to move back to North N.S.E to help out his village from the attack of Nyu - Konohagakure. He said farewell to chris and left to North N.S.E. When he got their he began to train more with puppets. He would tinker with them and see how they worked. L soon was known as a master puppet user in his village. Many wanted to learn from him but he refused. At age 13 he was told by the kage of his village to do a special mission for him.

He did not pass the academy but he was renowed for his skills in puppetry. And so the mission was to go on reconisence to Nyu - Konohagakure. He was given several puppets by the village and off he went. In a matter of only 2 days he returned with information about that greatly helped his village. Because of this the kage allowed him to enter the chuunin exams even though he didn't pass the academy. At 14 he entered the exams and passed.

He didn't care much about being a chuunin so he continued to training with his puppets. At age 15 he entered the jounin exams and just like the chuunin exams he passed the same year. At the same year he became a jounin was the year the kage of his village died. There was an opening but many still were thinking of who they wanted as their kage. At 16 L found out that his friend from East N.S.E, Chris became kage and so L was determined to become kage as well. It was a whole pride thing that influenced him. And so L became kage and he aims to fight against Nyu - konohagakure especially since it is in his blood (The Ningyo clan was experimented on during the war to fight against Konohagakure)

You Know how I RP
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Chris Toushiro

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PostSubject: Re: L Ningyo (New)   Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:44 pm

Approved Unless said Otherwise

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L Ningyo (New)
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