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 Toushiro Clan Jutsus

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PostSubject: Toushiro Clan Jutsus   Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:59 pm

Name of Jutsu: Kori Ha no jutsu (Ice Blade)
Rank: C
Element: Ice (Toushiro clan jutsu)
Description: The user shoots out his special toushiro chakra in the palm of his hand and freezes it in the form of a blade. It cannot be broken easily since it Is made from the users chakra. Extra sharp because of added chakra.
Name of Jutsu: Aisu Firudo no jutsu (Ice Field)
Rank: A
Element: Ice
Description: The user surrounds the field in thin chaktra and freezes it. Since the toushiro is born in colder areas the field increases the users ability in speed, agility, and becomes calmer in the battlefield.
Name of Jutsu: AisuKuron (Ice Clone)
Rank: B
Element: Ice
Description: The user creates a clone from a chunk of ice and can move it around, It cannot use any jutsus that are impossible for its capabilities (e.x. it cannot use fireball justu, It can use water element since it is made of ice)
Name of Jutsu: Aishino Yoroi (Icy armor)
Rank: C
Element: Ice
Description: The user is covered in ice looking armor and is lightweight enough to still move fast and agile. Also increases defence
Name of Jutsu: Aisu Boru
Rank: C
Element: Ice
Description: The user shoots a huge ball of ice from his mouth
Name of Jutsu: Kori Ga Ude Wo Makikoma (Ice engulfed Arm)
Rank: C
Element: Ice
Description: The user engulfs his arm In Ice and can make any assortment of weapon out of it, blades, shurikens, ice whips, etc.
Name of Jutsu: Taion (Body temputaure)
Rank: D
Element: Ice
Description: The user can lower his body tempurature to withstand the needed amount of tempurature in the room.
Name of Jutsu: Aishitatchi
Rank: D
Element: Ice
Description: The user forms icy chakra in any part of his body and wherever the user or the enemy touches where the technique is used freezes which ever part of the body it comes to contact with (deadlier the higher the rank is)

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Toushiro Clan Jutsus
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