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 Clan Jutsu

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PostSubject: Clan Jutsu   Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:49 pm

Name: Shadow Arrow
Element/type: keikegenki
Rank: D
Description: Users uses the akan to create a arrow our of shadow. (not these are connected to the original shadow source and can only use one at a time at this level)

Name: Shadow Arm
Element/type: keikegenki
Rank: D
Description: A hand emurges from the shadows. This is normally used for capture although it has been proven to be a decent offensive tool.

Name: Shadow Style multi-arrow defense
Element/type: ~
Rank: A
Description: Users uses the shadows arrow in multiple direction at once while under attack this is nearly imposable to dodge and you may only use twice a fight.

Name: Shadow Style: Shadow limb
Element/type: ~
Rank: A
Description: Shadow limb is a jutsu where the user uses the akan to cover a body part in shadows. This allows a non functioning body part to once again fully move. (Can only be applied to one body part at a time. Will drain chakra.)

Name: Shadow Pulse
Element/type: Genjutsu
Rank: C
Description: Shadow pulse is a low ranking genjutsu used b the Kumori clan to weaken their opponents senses. Once the Akan is activated The user will form the rat handsigns. The shadows in the area will quickly pulse. This makes the enemy diorriented as their brain takes it as the ground shaking.
Last 3 posts when used by a genin
last 4 posts used by chuunin
Last 6 posts when used by a jounin.

Name: Shadow image
Element/type: Unknown
Rank: c
Description: Shadow image is a move often used to increase the proficancey of Taijutsu. The user will release shadows chakra. This allows them to look as if they are moving faster or slower. The enemy has a hard time understanding when the move will hit. Although its proven to be ineffective against the sharigan. It still gives a great advantage.
Last 2 post for genin
last 3 for chuunin
last 6 for jounin+

Name: Shadow style: Ungodly strike
Element/type: Kekeigenki
Rank: A
Description: On of the most powerful straight forward attacks in the Kumori Clan arsenal. The user activates the akan forming tiger then rat handseals. Shadows begin to form thick chords and spiral around the user acting like a defense. The user then raises their hand as the chords begin to form a large arrow. They point this at their enemy and fire. The defect is the akan kicks off and stays shut down for 3 posts.

Name: Shadow world Decent
Element/type: Kekeigenki
Rank: SS
Description: The users gives up 5 points off their life to cover the area in shadows. (takes 3 posts) First shadows begin to rise and the Akan can not manipulat shadows. 2nd The ground becomes black. Finally the shadows connect in the sky forming a dome. It's pitch black only ones able to see are Kumori and those who can see chakra networks. Kumori can move in and out freely and can maintain the jutsu as long as they are in or touching the dome. Enemy is trapped inside.
(Note: User gets shadow manipulation back after 3rd post.)

Name: Banshii
Element/type: Kekeigenki
Rank: A
Description: The Kumori's attempt at the rasengan was a failure at first. But learning that shadow chakra was not as dense as normal chakra lead them to create a different version of the old technique. The user first creates a small orb of shadow chakra. Which is alot easier to a kumori then a ball of the normal blue stuff. After that a thin layer of chakra is added followed by shadow chakra coating it. The results is a ball of chakra that pulses between the conflicting natures. Purple sparks are often seen flying from it as its hard to keep together. The jutsu is known for its explosives drill like finish, and the huge craters it leaves.

Name: Shadow Dragon Crusade!
Element/type: Kekeigenki
Rank: S
Description: The favorite technique for a Kumori with nothing to lose. This risky maneuver has cost many of them their lives and slaughtered whole battle fields. It was said to be a curse left by Shadois when the clan let go of their belifs. No one knows who was the first to use this horrible technique. The attack is simple. The users activates the akan and focuses chakra to one of their arms. Not a second after the pump all the shadow chakra they and two the arm. This allows the opponent to see the chakra. the resemblance to a dragon is how it got its name. Why the attack is S-rank is simple. The enemy is often severely damaged. Not only does the attack do a critical amount of damage on impact but shuts the users chakra network and that arm down. Then it leaves the arm circulation and attack the enemys.

More to come.
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Clan Jutsu
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