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 Kumori Clan Information and History.

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PostSubject: Kumori Clan Information and History.   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:11 pm

Kekei genki, ability's or styles.: Doujutsu Known as the Akan Eye

Element: Fuuton - Wind

Dress: The Kumori Clan are Known for their pale skin and dark hair. Which is complimented by the attire of dark clothing. All though the dress is normally no more then that, trench coats are often seen on the body to allow quicker use of shadows Jutsu. The Clan symbol which is a small red x is often seen on the forearm or back of the Ninja's clothing. The final part of their attire is a Chain. All Kumori genin are given a chain the first day of the academy. The user decided where to wear that.

Traditions: The Kumori clan have fallen to the ways of the modern world, giving up their religion and tradition for more training time.

Clan history: Originating In Kumogakure a small religious sect ruled by Kouu Kumori had taken it upon themselves to preach about the dark gloomy world of the after life. This by no means was heaven and hell. The cult leader known as Kouu believed that all humans became the shadows after death, and that all this darkness in the day was your loved one and all that at night was those who died with regret or anger. Although the man had his shit together he was banished for trying to assaulted the religious beliefs of the Raikage. His followers began to follow with him as he tried to spread the word. He eventually settled down outside Kumo and made a small town for him and his followers. Raising a family. But this lead to shock when at the age of ten his first born son Raiden Came to him with blood pouring down his face. A heated argument with the kids his age lead to something believable. As Kouu tried to clean the boys face he saw that his eyes where a dark black right before the boy died of blood loss due to anemia (which all clan members to date have are born with). This sent Kouu to pray to his god Shadois, who "Spoke to him" Telling him that he was given a gift in the form of a curse for not revealing to the world what the truth was. Kouu Hung himself that night with is what as now known as the phantom link. From their the clan used the Phantom link to speak to their god as Kouu's daughter and other two sons started family passing this technique on. The clan became known as the Kumori standing for shadow.

After hundreds of years the Clan joined Kumo, not long before the 5th great war broke out and they rose to power as assassins teaming with the toushiro mainly. The current leader is a 17 year old known as Konton Kumori.

Kekei Genkia Information:
The Akan Eye declared the hopeless eye by Kumo and some of the clan members in its early years was looked on as a curse. It gave the clan of the Kumori great power but also killed many of their young with its miss use.

Akan Eye lv1 (this can only be activated during battle. After the use of a fifth jutsu and you are loosing sparing and practice matches do not count.)
When the Akan is first activated the user will pour blood from their eyes. This allows the user access to shadow chakra and shadow manipulation. The Shadow chakra kicks in as a reserve but sense its less dense then normal chakra normal techniques are hard to preform on these reserves.
-10 health a post.

Aken Eye Lv 2 (gained at chuunin rank if akan was already activated)
The Second stage of the Akan is normally gained at chuunin rank as the eye no longer need adjustment and no cease to bleed.

Akan LV 3 (gain at jounin)
The only add on to this level is the user can now close their eyes and see the world and enemy through the shadows in the area. This is a perfect defense against the Mangekyou Sharigan.

Shadois Akan Eye ( user must have killed a opponent with the shadow dragon crusade while akan is activated and they arn't emotional in control. This must be approved by admins.)
The user gains full control over their limbs again as black lines run down from their face. They gain 4 special jutsu.

Name of Jutsu: Shadow will
Description: The user becomes surrounded by shadows that protect them from projectiles and most jutsu. These shadows can not attack the enemy.
-15 health activation -5 eye sight a post.

Name of Jutsu: Shadow limb
Rank: S
Element: ~
Description: This Jutsu Allows the User to turn arms intangible. Meaning they can slip through skin and bone and grab organs bones ect and crush/pull them out.
- 5 eyes sight on activations -10 health

Name of Jutsu: Sacraficial killing
Rank: SS
Description: The User gives up half their eye sight and drops their health to 1 point in exchange Their chakra leaves there body and takes form of a dragon. This attacks everyone in the area minus the users. Destroying The field and attacking chakra networks.
-50% of remaining eye sight decrease health to 1

Name of Jutsu: Shadow repulse
Rank: S
Description: Shadow repulse allows the user to force out their shadow chakra in a huge blast. This move in normally used for knocking the opponent down. But in reality its used to attack the chakra system and give the user a better advantage.
-5 health a use.

Sacred artifact or weapon: The Kumori clan has no sacred artifacts left from the great ninja war minus a communication tool now used as the clan heads weapon the intangible chain known as the phantom link.
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Kumori Clan Information and History.
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